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Parts of radio equipment that radiate or (and) receive electromagnetic waves. Radio systems, radio, television, radar, navigation, electronic countermeasures, remote sensing, radio astronomy, and other engineering systems, all use electromagnetic waves to transmit information, rely on antennas to work. In addition, non-signal energy radiation also requires an antenna for transmitting energy using electromagnetic waves. The general antenna is reversible, that is, the same sub antenna can be used as both a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna. The same antenna as the basic characteristic parameter for transmitting or receiving is the same. This is the reciprocity theorem of the antenna.
Antennas are classified from different angles:
   1 According to the nature of work can be divided into transmitting antenna and receiving antenna.
   2 can be divided into communications antennas, broadcast antennas, television antennas, radar antennas, etc.
   3 According to the working wavelength can be divided into ultra-long wave antenna, long wave antenna, medium wave antenna, short wave antenna, ultra-short wave antenna, microwave antenna and so on.
   4 According to the structure and working principle can be divided into line antennas and surface antennas. Describe the characteristics of the antenna parameters such as pattern, directionality coefficient, gain, input impedance, radiation efficiency, polarization, and bandwidth. At present, the development of antennas has basically met the needs of various wireless transmission services. In some special applications (such as remote sensing, space communications, etc.), as the antenna theory continues to improve, the type of antenna will continue to develop.
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