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Satellite system debugging

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Introduce an unknown satellite azimuth elevation, without debugging equipment for system debugging method. System debugging must take the receiver, TV set to get installed on-site commissioning of the antenna, the installation site must have power. The preparation is done, the next step is to debug the system, the steps are as follows:
1. First, according to the satellite to be received, the satellite receiver to receive the channel frequency alignment. Some satellite receiver frequency shows the downlink frequency of the satellite channel 3.7GHz ~ 4.2GHz, some shows the output of the tuner IF 950MHz ~ 1540MH, that is, the satellite receiver receives the input IF frequency. When run into this situation, using the tuner frequency of 5150MHz tuner minus the IF frequency derived satellite satellite satellite frequency.
2. Receive all the cables, coarsely adjust the feed according to the polarization of the signal to be received, and adjust the feed direction of the waveguide according to the polarization requirements.
3. Turn the antenna reflector to the south, loosen the adjusting lever at the elevation to make the reflecting surface adjustable up and down flexibly and conveniently. Then, according to the longitude of the satellite fixed point to be captured and the location of the adjusting location, rotate the antenna reflector one o'clock east or west to change the orientation of the reflector. Slowly adjust the position up and down after each rotation. Repeat until there is a signal, confirm that it is the satellite program you want to receive, and then hold the signal for a fixed elevation angle for the next azimuth fine adjustment.
4. Turn the antenna reflector horizontally in a single direction to observe the TV image. So that the capture of satellite signals from there to no, from strong signal to weak signal to the signal just disappear, in the tripod legislation tray transfer point up and down draw a straight line with the ground mark, and then reverse the antenna so that the satellite signal image TV from weak to strong, and then from strong to weak, to the signal image just disappear, down in the direction of the tray marks at the column has been drawn, then the column has two straight lines for the mark. Repeat the above steps several times, confirm the column two marker position is correct, the orientation pallet symbol to the center line between the two markers, which is the azimuth of the satellite to be debugged. Tighten the azimuth screws solid, azimuth debugging is completed.
5. Fine-tune the elevation: fine-tune the azimuth method, take the elevation point on the lever for two points marked with the same method for elevation adjustment.
6. Feed focus and polarization direction fine-tuning: Adjust the azimuth and elevation angle method of fine-tuning the focus and polarization direction. When the length of the feed is limited and the fine-tuning of the focal length is not suitable for the above method, the noise point of the television image frame has been given a little or no noise point at this time. , And then adjust the feed observation TV screen to adjust the noise reduction point to a minimum, that is, the adjustment of the focal length. 7, At this point, the system receives the commissioning is completed, remove the on-site commissioning equipment, connect the high-frequency head and indoor receiver coaxial cable, if it is multi-family CATV system into or on the power splitter installed, if necessary, install the line Amplifier.
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