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Shenzhen Huada FRP Communication Products Co., Ltd. Introduction

Number of visits: Date:2017-09-30
  Shenzhen Huada FRP communications products company for the state-level high-tech enterprises, since the establishment of 88 years, after nearly 30 years of reform and development of the storm, has now developed into a SMC molding and FRP pultrusion two production processes, Involving six major areas, can produce hundreds of different varieties, specifications of the composite materials products business, the annual output reached 5,000 tons. R & D experience accumulated deep, product design optimization, superb technology, excellent quality, to meet the various types of users to lay a solid foundation. In recent years the company to speed up the brand building, in the mobile base station radome, satellite TV / communications, sports equipment, meteorological monitoring / communications and other projects on the development of advantages, product market prospects. Companies to actively participate in various products at home and abroad show, bring a lot of money orders at the same time, but also for the company's brand to play a positive role in the country, the product has been sold to the United States, France, South Africa and other places. Companies according to the concept of modern enterprise management, adhere to the "people-oriented manufacturing customer satisfaction with continuous improvement," the quality policy, adhere to market-oriented, scientific and technological innovation as the basis, with talent as the driving force to improve the company's business strength and image, The goal is to develop into the domestic composite materials similar to the scale and variety of one of the top companies.

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