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Cause glare shield quality problems

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Many people in the industry reflect, glare shield there are still many problems in the practical application of national highway, the common material properties such as non-compliance, construction and installation is not quite reasonable, any of the deviation will affect the use of anti-glare panel effect.
Jerry For fiberglass glare panels, since unfair competition and price wars and other reasons, many manufacturers currently produce glare shield raw materials have changed from the original material to glass fiber reinforced SMC BMC cheap material. BMC resin and glass fiber content lower than the SMC, the same size and thickness of the fiberglass glare panels, BMC's strength was a lot worse. For use HDPE blow molding glare board material, the main way to reduce costs is to add a filler such as calcium carbonate or recycled materials to the masterbatch inside. However, after the addition of such fillers, wind load strength glare shield is greatly reduced. Some manufacturers in HDPE blow molding glare board material, sometimes adding masterbatch in up to 50% filler, this process produced glare shield, its performance can be imagined. How to determine HDPE blow molding glare board material if it contains a filler, there is a simple solution: the glare shield leaning in the corner, their feet treading glare middle of the plate, anti-glare panels be bent, then glare plate in my hand carefully observed, without filler antiglare plate deformed portion will automatically restitution, plus packing antiglare plate deformed portion does not automatically revert to the original, and some even break.
Design factors of raw materials is only one factor influencing the performance of the glare shield, sometimes, the problem often lies in the source. Some of the design drawings of the cross section of the anti-glare panel made of flat configuration, the anti-glare panel that produced wind strength is clearly not enough. After a typhoon, most of them broken. Experiments show that the same material and dimensions, wind loads sectional structure of the anti-glare sheet S is four times the planar structure. Currently in the field of traffic engineering, a lot of designers chosen for their products generally do not understand the characteristics and performance, not the inquiry, resulting in some quality problems on the highway at the design stage potential problems, it should be worth every designer serious reflection.
For the detection of anti-glare panel, there is a way to field test the soil quality is good or bad. 90 cm high, 20 cm wide glare board, for example, two brick support from the middle station a 60-kg person, if not anti-glare panel is pressed down, the anti-glare panel is qualified products.

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