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Glare shield three elements

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China is the largest country in the world to use an anti-glare panel, many anti-glare panel specifications and types. Speaking from the molding process, glass steel molding, extrusion molding fiberglass, plastic rotational molding, plastic blow molding, plastic injection molding and plastic extrusion, etc; from the size distribution, the height from 70 to 1.1 cm, width from 140-290 mm, thickness from 3-70 mm, and other specifications have; there are a variety of materials, such as glass fiber reinforced SMC, DMC fiberglass, HDPE (high density polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), ABS and so on.
Whatever the material, the molding process or structure, anti-glare panel should have one thing in common. It is this commonality, will ultimately decide whether the anti-glare panel is widely used on the highway. Blow constantly, constantly hit, no color should be eligible for all three elements of the basic anti-glare panel.
1, blowing constantly: Many people may not believe wind will blow on the glare shield off the highway, however it turns out, this situation often occurs. As shown in Figure, after a typhoon, anti-glare panels on the highway into the film into being felled blow off. Careful observation has not been blown off the glare shield can be found, these roots without breaking the anti-glare panel basically some small cracks, which is when the wind caused by the glare shield wavering. Because the root of stress most concentrated, is also the largest wind moment, therefore, the root is the most easily broken glare board position. After storms or typhoons in many places, often anti-glare panel was blown off a large area, because the roots caused by insufficient strength.
2, hit constantly: sometimes glare shield will often be broken down the middle. New Jersey guardrail mounted on a large number of anti-glare plate fracture, which is a common problem nationwide. Some may think that the way the anti-glare panel is product quality or damage caused by human factors, but after investigation found that the way each successive glare shield breaks are tens of meters long. Since the highway is closed, pedestrians rarely come, therefore, is the way the car is severing the main reason for breaking anti-glare panel. New Jersey guardrail at the top of a narrow width, two-way traffic of small lateral spacing, wide vehicle crashed often anti-glare panel. Especially bend over, undulating mountain highway, this situation is more likely to occur. The owners of units highway is also very headache, every two or three years later the church labeled anti-glare panel to be replaced.
3, does not change color: anti-glare panel also easy to fade, since masterbatch toner production glare shield when there is no good control, some glare faded board less than a month, and had to be replaced.

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